Friday, November 13, 2015

Beautiful Disney Watercolors By Alexander Roussel

   So, its not too often that we feature other artists on Disney Hipster Blog. We are intrinsically very pygmalion in that regard and are not ashamed of it.  However, when we see something we like, we will not deny it.  Thus is the case of Alexander Roussel, and his amazing Disney park themed water color series.
   Alex first caught our eye with a gorgeous portrait of yours truly, doing my famous "Disney Hipster Andrew" pose in front of Rolly Crump's leaky tikis...

   Not only was I super flattered by the homage, but also very intrigued.  I LOVED the stylization of this water color, and couldn't wait to see more!  Luckily, Alex is very prolific indeed and did not disappoint. 

   His love of Disney parks traverses all corners, but leans towards the nostalgic.  Everything from It's A Small World, and Carousel Of Progress to the Dapper Dans and Electrical Light Parade...if it gives you the feels Alex probably has it covered. 


   Thats not to say that more contemporary classics aren't covered as well!  Rapunzel's tower makes an appearance, as well as our BELOVED SCHOOL BREAD!  Clearly this is my favorite so far!
   Make sure to check our more work by Alexander Roussel by visiting his website and following him on Twitter. 

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