Monday, November 16, 2015

A Visit To The New York World's Fair

   We spent this Saturday morning like we often do.  Hopping from one estate sale to the next, scouring the homes of North Jersey to supplement our real life Adventurers Clubhouse.  Among the things we purchased this week: A raccoon skull (yes, another one...),  a very heavy iron cauldron,  a vintage AM radio, a piece of poetry of ambiguous origin, and a vintage toy go with our already existing vintage toy eskimo.  HOWEVER my favorite buy this week was A Visit To The New York World's Fair. 

   As a Disney parks fan I'm sure that your know the history of the 1964 world's fair, and the influence that Walt Disney had on it.  Not to mention the huge impact these projects had on the parks and the future direction of the company.  Here is just a random quick link to catch up...but there is so much more to read elsewhere. 
   This charming children's book follows a set of twins as they explore the fair.  They take turns choosing which pavilion to visit.  

   Peter gets to pick first...and Peter is a boy, and boys love cars.  First stop?  The Ford Magic Skyway! This attraction is the hardest to picture, mainly because it didn't make it back to Disneyland in the same capacity as Carousel of Progress and Its A Small World did...although we find still find some dinosaurs from the attraction during the grand circle tour via the Disneyland Railroad. 
   Here is some video footage of that attraction in case you're interested...starts at 3:53

   The majority of this book takes place outside the real of Disney...but seeing that this is a children's book it wouldn't be complete without a trip around the world via It's A Small World.  This might be naive of me, but were the original vehicles really swan boats?  Someone please enlighten me. 

   There are many phenomenal illustrations in this book, covering a vast majority of the highlights of the fair.  However two images really struck my fancy.

   Such a shame that the author didn't think to cover any other Disney contributions! I would have especially loved to see the Tower of the Four Winds in this style, but heck, I'll take what I can get.  I'm happy to add this to our expanding children's library. 

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