Friday, October 2, 2015

Those First Couple Hours at Disney World...

   I'm sitting on the sofa in mine and Adam's relatively new house.  My post Disney depression has started to wane with the excitement of the holiday season sloooooowly taking its place.  I feel the need to examine our vacation photos as I sit here, and it seems like such a long time ago even though we've only been home just over a week.  Part of the fun of writing this blog is being able to relive my experiences in blog form, and in doing so having a sort of virtual scrapbook highlighting all of our trips.
   One of the reoccurring tropes in my photos happen upon first arriving at Walt Disney World, and shortly after checking into the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The excitement of the trip is at its peak, and I can't help but take silly photos, regardless of how late at night it is.  In fact, these are the first seven (of over 2,000) photos that I took on our recent trip...

   Something that you may not realize about me: I aim to please.  When I go to Walt Disney World I know that a lot of listeners are living vicariously through my trip (as I do with other folks trips too...) and therefore I like to START OFF STRONG.  
   The first thing I do is go take a selfie with my favorite bartender in the world, Rose.  This is literally the first photo of the trip, and truly a magical moment. 

   Whats that? Another Rose?  This of course is Rose, my favorite cashier at The Mara.  She is always ready with a good story.  Unfortunately for us she is retiring in January.  Thanks for working so hard and making us smile. Congrats Rose! 

   Obviously we were in The Mara for a reason.  First of all, we needed our new refillable mugs.  We like to really get our moneys worth with these things, so the more refills the better.  The Rapidfill system doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would, with the exception of the VERY annoying sounds that the machine makes.  The constant chiming really impedes on the music playing in The Mara.
   Obviously I'm having beer/veggie flatbread/zebra domes/french fries.  We get this same meal on the first and last days of every trip.  

   After our late meal we headed over to Kidani Village to check in.  I have a long standing tradition of taking selfies while Adam takes care of business.  This recent trip was split between Kidani and Jambo, and though our preference remains with Jambo House, I have really fallen in love with Kidani in recent years.  I'm surprised to say that we actually spent more time at the Kidani pool, which has filled in with plant life and grown to be super charming. 

   On our way up to our room I had to take a picture with "drunk Timon."  Lion King characters designate the different sections of parking at Kidani Village, and the elevators are themed accordingly.  I am absolutely obsessed with the fact that Kidani still has the "going up/going down" narration which was taking out of the Jambo elevators a few years ago.  These elevators also have the terrific background music, which Jambo elevators lack as well. 

    Finally, while unloading my beer I had to watch Must Do Disney with my girl Stacey.  I know that portions of the film are dated, but I have to watch this immediately upon entering the room. NO EXCEPTIONS.   A great way to get me even more hyped up about our vacation.  At this moment I am at my happiest.  At this moment I can't even imagine the real world...and my life in New Jersey seems like lightyears away.



  1. I love this! It really makes me think of my own bursting excitement when we first arrive. The anticipation of the vacation and the realization that it's finally here after all the planning.

  2. We'll be settling in to our room in a couple of days, and Stacey is a mandatory part of the process for us too. What will The World come to if they update that loop without Stacey?

  3. I went on vacation to Europe recently and when I got into my hotel room in Paris I turned on the TV and was channel surfing for ever looking for her Paris must dos... Couldn't find it... maybe it's cuz it was in French.

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