Monday, October 5, 2015

Things I Love: Character Training At Epcot...

   Hey guess what? I love Disney World. However, there are certain things within Disney World that make me particularly, even more happy than I already am.  Count among these things: Rose the Bartender, Tipsy Ducks In Love, the Tiki Room lanai, and getting stuck on the TTA inside Space Mountain.  But there is something even more special than all these things...a good group of random Disney characters meeting in Epcot for my full enjoyment.
   If you happen upon random characters in Epcot (usually in front of the oft closed World Showplace building, or next to the American Adventure.) you have probably stumbled upon a character training group.  These unadvertised meet and greet opportunities are a great chance to meet several characters with little or no wait at all.  IF YOU SEE THEM DO NOT JUST CASUALLY WALK PAST!!!! Join in the fun.
   On a recent visit to Epcot we stumbled upon one such situation.  Yes, I was a giddy schoolgirl. Yes, I might have been jumping up and down with excitement. Yes, I was taking selfies with characters like a total tool.

Max Goof was probably the only rare-ish character this time. TBD. 

I love classic sailor Donald!!! 

King Louis is always an awkward meet and greet...I always try and shake his 
hand with those crazy long arms. 

What is the height requirement for Baloo?  

   At this particular meet up there was also Mickey Mouse, who we ignored on accident. We wanted to focus on characters we hadn't seen in a while, and Mickey always tends to be the priority, obviously.  Its random things like this that make me smile, and get me through the long gaps between visits to WDW. :/ 

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  1. Wow, we once saw Chip & Dale like this on the way to The Land. Must have been training!!!! COOL!!!!

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