Saturday, October 17, 2015

Harambe Week Link Dump...

   I had an absolute blast curating Harambe Week, and even more fun sharing everything with our readers.  In the end I come out appreciating this amazing land even more than I already did.  While the "original content" portion of Harambe Week is over, I wanted to end with a link dump of Harambe posts of yesterday.  Take some time out of this beautiful Saturday to enjoy some well themed goodness.

- Recently we took a bathroom break in Old Harambe.  These bathrooms are busy but I still love them.

- November of last year we celebrated some of the signage and posters of New Harambe! These are beyond amazing, and definitely add to the "gritty" nature of the land.

- Muziki is on often overlook gem of theming in Harambe.  At least it gets a little more love due to Wilderness Explorers.

- There is at least one "fruit market" in every Disney park...but the Harambe Fruit Market is by far my favorite.  PLUS they have elephant ears.

- Back in January of 2013, long before the Harambe expansion, we explore what remains the most tranquil space in the entire park...and pay close attention to the Swahili plaster carvings.

- We would be horrible bloggers if we didn't include the original awesome posters of old Harambe.

- There was little talk of Pangani Forest Trail this week...but that doesn't mean we don't love it all the same!  Lets look at some bones!