Sunday, September 27, 2015

Random Epcot Food Roundup...

   Often times while at Walt Disney World we visit restaurants with the explicit intention of reviewing it on this blog.  This involves taking pictures of both the food and restaurant...while making a few notes via my iPhone so that I don't forget the details.  On this trip, for instance, we visited The Plaza, Kona Cafe, 1900 Park Fare, and La Hacienda with these intentions.   However, just as often, we randomly grab bites to eat around the parks because...well...because we're hungry.
   Its these instances that I don't tend to grab great photos or take notes. A big reason for this is because its hard to write an entire blog post about a single snack.   So dear readers, here is a roundup of some random things I ate at Epcot over the course of our trip...

   The above picture shows a stupid berry meringue thing.  I can tell you a few things about it.  One) It doesn't taste like school bread.  Two) It doesn't look like a school bread. Three) This damn thing doesn't make my heart smile like school bread.   
   Why did I go to Kringla and NOT GET A SCHOOL BREAD? Like, what is wrong with me?  This has made me devolve into an even more lazy affected blogger.  Emoticon.  Emoticon.  Emoticon. 

   These dear readers are tabouli pinwheels.  They can be found at Sunshine Seasons in The Land pavilion.  This counter service restaurant has always had a great reputation for a high quality and diverse menu.  However, you must STAY AWAY FROM THESE PINWHEELS.  
   These were the single most vile things I've ever eaten at Walt Disney World...and that includes the veggie sandwich at Cosmic Rays.   I like the idea of these pinwheels a lot, but something about them was off.  In turn, I had a tummy ache for a few hours after eating them, and have heard similar complaints from people suffering the same fate.  Yuck. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Thursday Not At Disney World...

   We're back from our annual Summer/Fall trip to Walt Disney World.  Yes, we're sad to back in New Jersey for sure, but also happy in a weird way to be back to our regular routine.  We had tons of fun exploring the parks and resorts as usual, and also had a lot of new experiences!  Rest assured that we have documented a lot of our trip and can't wait to share some of them with you via THIS VERY BLOG!!! :)
   Thank you so much to everyone who went out of their way to say "hi" to us in the park, take selfies, and show us some love!  You guys are the best, and prove that the Disney Hipster Melange are the best of the best in the Disney community.   Here are a few of my favorite moments from the PICTURE FORM BECAUSE I'M LAZY.

A photo posted by Disney Hipsters (@disneyhipsters) on

A photo posted by Disney Hipsters (@disneyhipsters) on

A photo posted by Disney Hipsters (@disneyhipsters) on

A photo posted by Disney Hipsters (@disneyhipsters) on

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Animal Kingdom Artifact: A Few Random Shots From The Jambo House Bus Stop

   We haven't actively taken the Walt Disney World bus system for several years.  Adam and I switched to renting a car due to the amount of resort hopping we tend to do over the course of each trip...thus cutting down on a lot of waiting.  Don't get us wrong.  We love the Disney transportation and think they do a phenomenal job.  For everyday guests, it is damn near perfect.
   Because of our renting a car I don't venture down to the bus stop at Animal Kingdom Lodge all that often, but just so happened to snap a few random photos of that area last October. (can you believe the last time I stayed at AKL was LAST OCTOBER!?!?!)  

I've always really loved this thing...what ever it is. a drum? a vessel of some sort? Anyway,
its big a metal.  I also adore the landscaping over here.

Speaking of landscaping.  One of my favorite pastimes is watching the various
potted plants change throughout the years.  These are located just off of the bus stop...

Signs will lead you from the lobby to the bus system...

And once there, you will find no problem finding the correct loading zone. 

And make sure to turn back and admire your beautiful resort entrance.

   Can you guys tell I'm getting pretty excited about our trip??  It has been far too long since I last enjoyed spending time at the resort, and I'm really looking forward to sitting back and taking in my favorite atmosphere in the world.  We even have scheduled "down time" to soak it all in.   
   If there is anything specific that you would like me to photograph, periscope, or blog about just let me know via Instagram, Twitter,  or Facebook.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Some Things I'm Looking Forward To At Walt Disney World

   Not counting a 10 hour jaunt at WDW after our January cruise, we haven't REALLY been to Walt Disney World in almost a year.  I'm not complaining.  We went on an amazing seven night Disney Cruise, and spent more than a week at Disneyland.  Clearly my life is awesome.  However, I'm at my breaking point and miss Walt Disney World SO MUCH its starting to hurt.
   Luckily for us we will be visiting the resort in just over a week, indulging in all of the things we miss about our favorite place in the universe. (Tipsy Ducks In Love keeps coming to mind for some reason...)
   A lot of things happen in a year, big or small, better or worse, change happens at Disney World, and I'm looking forward to quite a bit.  I know most of these things are old news...but this blog isn't known for breaking news. (or is it?)

This past October there were still walls everywhere. :(

   I can't wait to see the great progress the re-imagined hub of the Magic Kingdom has made.  I know that it isn't quite finished yet, but the majority of the work is finally over.  On our last two visits to the park the wonderful vistas of land that we are all used to were cutoff by long stretches of contraction walls...not to mention various sections of empty moat.   Since our last visit the oft celebrated "lawn areas" have opened, and look phenomenal in pictures.  I'm seriously looking forward to spending time here, especially now that Mary Poppins is meeting here.

Saying "good riddance to bad rubbish." Note the Trolly Car Cafe
 is also under construction here...

   One thing that we knew was happening during our past October trip, but had yet to get underway was the removal of the sorcerers hat at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Clearly this makes us very happy, and it'll be a joyous occasion the first time we walk down an unobstructed Hollywood Boulevard.
  Two new in park Starbucks locations opened since our last visit. The Trolley Car Cafe at Hollywood Studios, and Creature Comforts at Disney's Animal Kingdom both seem wonderfully themed, and I'm sure will be upgrades from the previous tenants.  I'm especially looking forward to the Animal Kingdom the previous Creature Comforts layout was pretty lame, and we hardly ever ventured in to that uninspired shop.

Your just going to have to deal with this random picture of Adam and I said,

   Speaking of Disney's Animal Kingdom!  Hurrah!  Harambe Market has subsequently opened since we last spent time at our favorite park!  Even though we knew about this project long ago, thanks to our friends at it will be super exciting to finally explore the area.  No amount of pictures seem to coordinate my bearings, and it'll be neat to see how close my idea of the area is to reality.  Plus, Harambe Market has recently added a veggie friendly option, so I'll actually be able to eat something.  What a relief.

   Obviously a lot more has changed in the last year.  Tons of new food and drink offerings (including Trader Sams!), ride refurbs, and the like.  It will be so much fun to spend our trip getting to know these new experiences and welcome them (or not...) into our lives.  We plan on sharing our trip in real time, via social media as we do EVRY trip.  So make sure you're following along, especially on Instagram and Twitter.