Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Will Become Of Pizzafari?

   Pizzafari at Disney's Animal Kingdom is all look and no substance.  The quick service restaurant is fantastically themed, and features the ornately carved and painted animals that so well define the rest of Discovery Island.  And yet, the food has always been quite terrible.
   The menu has always leaned toward pizza, as if the name of the restaurant didn't give it away.  The problem is that while the majority of Disney World pizza places slowly shifted to the infinitely better 'flatbread style' pizza, Pizzafari remained staunchly in the overly doughy bad sauce fake cheese camp of yore.  Heck, even Pinocchio's made the switch a few years ago.

   So, after years and years of mediocrity, Pizzafari will be closing in a few days to undergo what is sure to be a big refurbishment.  In fact, it is expected that a large portion of the space will be reconfigured into a sit down restaurant, while the counter service area remains roughly the same layout wise.
   I know that the main excitement over this change is the addition of a sorely needed new table service restaurant in this park.  However, I'm uncharacteristically optimistic about the prospects for the counter service side.  This space always had such great potential, if only the menu would turn over.  Fact is, this seems like the perfect opportunity to reopen with a completely new menu.

As long as they keep this stone cat, Adam will be happy. 

   So what would YOU like to see changed at Pizzafari?  Or do you LIKE the current menu?  What about the table service side?  What kind of cuisine would you like to see here?  Let us know over on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


  1. This will never happen but I'd love to see an Ethiopean restaurant open in DAK and wouldn't mind it in Pizzafari's spot. Plates of injera with different vegetables and meats you can pick and choose from (so you could do all vegetarian too!). I think the kids would get a kick out of using the injera as a "utensil". :)

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