Monday, August 10, 2015

Archived Periscope Video of Our Ride On The Disneyland Omnibus

   One of the huge perks of being so involved on social media is documentation.  Sure, it is easy to lose yourself in Twitter or Facebook or Instagram...sometimes to the point of disrupting our vacation. However, the outcome is usually for the better, an effortless document of your trip.
   On our last trip to Disneyland, as Periscope was really "becoming a thing" we decided to share some of the best moments of our trip via the live streaming site.  I didn't think much about it at the time, but after the fact I realized what a great archive Periscope is!  We have dozens of fun videos that we wouldn't have other wise taken.
   The one caveat to Periscope is that the preferred "shot" is vertical, as opposed to the much more aesthetically pleasing and traditional horizontal shot.   For this reason I will not be editing together Periscope videos any time soon...but please enjoy this video in a (shamelessly) unedited version.   Here we board the Disneyland Omnibus for a ride up Main Street USA...

   You see what I mean?  Its an extremely efficient and fun way to preserve Disney memories...but the vertical shot is just so jarring.  Hopefully this won't be the case in Periscope of too much longer.  With our annual Fall WDW trip coming up shortly, make sure you're following us on Periscope...where are username is Disneyhipsters.   We will be utilizing this app A LOT over the course of our trip. 


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