Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Quickie

   Faithful readers...we're at that two week mark of no blogging.  This is, I think, the magic number in which guests new to the blog might say "hmm...this isn't a very active source of enjoyment" and then move on.  So, in lieu of losing potential friends here is a post.
    For those paying attention you would remember that we have a pretty good reason for this inactivity.  Our move to a bigger house has proved very exciting, crazy, and needlessly exhausting.  We had over 170 boxes filled to the brim (who knew we had so many damn books!?!?) and while we're making headway into settling in, it has taken a toll on the things we love...namely our health and our activity in the Disney community. For the record, when I say our health I mostly mean substituting tacos for every meal, so I'm ok with it.
   Inevitably the excitement of this move will wane and my attention will drift back to Disney blogging and general snarkiness will abound.  Im not sure when I will get back in the "groove," it could very well be this upcoming week.  The fact that I'm taking the time to write this is a pretty good sign.
   In the mean time here are a few random Disney pictures that are making me happy on this beautiful morning.


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