Friday, June 19, 2015

Lunch At The Lucky Fortune Cookery At DCA

   When Adam and I go on any Disney vacation we make a list of different food items that we want to try, in an attempt to organize our trips even further than they already are. When we visit Disneyland our list tends to be longer, since we don't make it to the West coast as often.  One of the things that we were excited to try was the tofu rice bowls at Lucky Fortune Cookery...

   This counter service restaurant is found at Disney California Adventure, in the Pacific Wharf food court  area.  The layout of Lucky Fortune is familiar to any Disney parks fan, including tables that are shared by the other surrounding restaurants. (think of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios...) The design includes a gorgeous neon dragon sign, paper lanterns, and faux jade inlay...which is incorporated into the decaying industrial theme of Pacific Wharf. 

   The menu here is all about rice bowls. First you pick a protein (chicken, beef, tofu), then pick a sauce (mandarin orange, spicy korean, thai coconut curry, and teriyaki).  Your selection is mixed with asian veggies and served over rice.

   We tried both the teriyaki and the thai coconut curry. At first sight, these meals seem like a great deal.  The containers are heavy with a seemingly huge portion. However, upon closer inspection 80% of the contents are rice.
   There were very few veggies, but the ones we received were fresh and cooked well.  The tofu, on the other hand, was completely meh.  Thank god we're both huge fans of tofu, regardless of the style...because most people would find this tofu (silken) inedible.  Most people in the US don't eat silken tofu in a savory preparation.
   The teriyaki sauce was beyond bland, and basically tasted vaguely of corn syrup and soy sauce...and didn't help the tofu.  The thai coconut curry, however, was supper delicious.  It was rich, and well seasoned without being overtly spicy with a bright tamarind and coconut flavor.

    At $11 each these bowls are a horrible bargain.  Its not that you won't fill up, its that the majority of the dish is rice.  I love the idea of the bowls, but wish there were some simple changes.  1- Use baked extra firm tofu, 2- cut the rice content by half and swap with more veggies.  Its a shame because its worth it just for the curry sauce. :/

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