Monday, June 22, 2015

Disney Nacho Cheese Sauce: A Pictorial Love Story

   The Disney internet community was not quiet this week. There was a lot of random stuff going on, as usual, but the thing that had me most upset was cheese.  Or, actually...the lack of cheese.  The liquid melty delicious nacho cheese found at various toppings bars has been least in the "serve yourself" capacity that we have come to know and love. 
   In all seriousness, I am pretty torn up about this.  It is just one of those random things that brought a little bit of joy into my habitual tourism.   Instead of dwelling on my sadness, I decided to share my feelings in form of a poem...and pictures. 

Liquid Nacho Cheese At Disney World: Forever In Our Hearts

Oh nacho cheese sauce,
From Pecos Bill,
You've made our journey,
a culinary thrill.

This one must be old,
look at the blue cups!
By the look of the picture,
you made me throw up. 

Coming back the next year,
Theres a red cup I see!
Since the first time we met,
it was just you and me...

We nearly forgot you,
      On Halloween night, 
But look what I see here,
      just there to the right...

Divine on a potato,
                     Who would have thought?
Everyone knows,
                      You're the best thing I got.

Here is a picture,
Of you and your mother,
Nearby are some french fries,
for you to smother. 

On Tom Sawyer Island, 
Where outdoors we dined,
For the last dozen years,
Our lives intertwined, 

And I never did skip you, 
      no, not even once.
Over dozens of trips, 
                  you still were a

   Rest in peace self serve nacho cheese.  You were a true friend, who was always there for me in time of need. I'll miss the way you adorned my french fries, and the way you made a impromptu salad dressing in a pinch.  I'll miss the way you always look disgusting in a photo, despite your obvious otherworldly deliciousness.  But we will always have our memories, and Pecos. 

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  1. I'M SO SAD. The cheese was the only thing that made their fries bearable to me. It sounds pathetic but my boyfriend and I are very broke. We would bring a couple uncrustables and then get cheese fries to split and it was the perfect, incredibly cheap meal. I'm going to miss it for sure. I hope they don't do away with it entirely!

  2. This was a beautifully shared sentiment of love and loss. Touching.

  3. Finally some poetry I can connect with!

    Kariss x

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