Friday, June 26, 2015

Disney BGM Of The Week: Paradise Park

   We have proclaimed our love of Disney California Adventure many times over the years...specifically that of Paradise Pier.  But there is a little area of Paradise Pier that we have ignored thus far.  The gorgeous Paradise Park.

   This area is little more than a manicured tiered garden directly across from the hustle and bustle of the "pier." Complete with its own whimsical vaguely bygone era music loop, Paradise Park is a lovely place to relax at DCA.  That is until nightfall when it is inundated with folks waiting for World Of Color to begin. 
   Enjoy this loop (provided via Superhotlarry's youtube page.) as you go about your business. 

   Isn't that loop absolutely delightful?  I find it super relaxing as I'm getting my chores done around the house, or if I have people over.  Its lively without being obnoxious.  Have a wonderful weekend friends. 

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  1. Our first trip to DCA was such a pleasant surprise. I had no real idea what to expect. The back ground music was great, but the real treat was the live music! "Ellis Island Boys" band were playing as we had our lunch and w were hard pressed to do any thing else but sit back and enjoy. Disney, please keep the live music going!

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