Monday, June 1, 2015

Coverland: Baby Mine

   Whoa.  How long has it been since we've had a Coverland featured on Disney Hipster Blog???!!! Literally ages.  So for those who have joined us in recent months, Coverland is basically a melange of cover versions of well know Disney songs that I find trolling Youtube.
    I never really had a huge appreciation for Baby Mine from the animated classic Dumbo until recently.  In preparation for our Disneyland trip I was listening to their long running Magical! fireworks soundtrack almost every night, in which a highpoint of the show features Baby Mine.  And over time it kind of grew on me.
   Despite being nominated for an Academy Award upon its release, this is not among the most popular in the Disney cannon. However, there are a few notable covers.

Because its a very slow lullaby, it can be pretty hard to vary the sound of the original...but
Brian Wilson makes his pretty fun, as he is apt to do.

Meh. Pretty but not much too it. 

This is my favorite by far, mostly because of the bizarre collaboration of Bonnie Raitt and Was (Not Was).
But it also veers away a little bit too. 

I included this one because its Bette Midler and how could I not?  This is apparently 
on the Beaches soundtrack, so probably the most heard version of the song as well. 

   Has Baby Mine always been one of your favorite Disney songs? Or did it have to grow on you like it did for me?  Regardless, its a classic songs with some lovely covers.  I just wish someone would record a version a little more out of the box.  Upon my initial search I was expecting a lot of jazz covers, but alas...nothing great.  
   Hopefully it won't be as long between now and our next Coverland. :)

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