Monday, June 15, 2015

BGM of the Week: Spaceship Earth

   After spending the majority of our time since January obsessing over Disneyland, we're starting to get back to our regular scheduled program.  Beside a short ten hours at Walt Disney World, we haven't spent any REAL time at the resort since an amazing trip back in October.  Well friends, we've finally crossed the allowable excitement threshold.  Yes, we still have a long Summer ahead of us, but WDW will be here before we know it.
   I've finally allowed myself to start casually listening to WDW parks music again, as opposed to Disneyland music or (gasp) non-Disney parks music.  Sometimes taking a break from your hobbies makes them all the more fun when you return.

   I know this segment is usually dedicated to background music loops specifically.  However, the narration free Spaceship Earth score is among my favorite things to listen to at the background.  Yes, I know its a stretch, but I really want to share this score because it has me feeling all kinds of emotions today. :)

   This wonderful score is by Bruce Broughton, who is also responsible for the gorgeous bombastic score of Ellen's Energy Adventure, among other things.  What an epic piece of music for one of my favorite attractions. Huzzah. 

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