Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Characters, New Costumes, New Disney California Adventure...

   Its that time again.  After each Disney vacation I feel the need to share all the new characters...or old characters in new costumes...that we had the joy of meeting.  This trip was especially eventful, considering the giant changes to Disney California Adventure since our last visit west.  Lots of new meet and greet opportunities to be had, and we visited most of them. 

   Buena Vista Street is ripe with characters these days.  Oswald is available near the entrance of the park, and doesn't seem to warrant a long line.  We were lucky enough to meet him on our first day at the resort.  Super cute of course, but his velvet body gives me the willies.  
   Mickey Mouse's 1920's outfit is perfect, and I adore the oversized buttons and suspenders.  Mickey plays a big role on Buena Vista Street.  Not only does he meet here on and off all day, but he also stars in the newsboy show. 

   Staying on Buena Vista we come to Chip and Dale.  Though they switch back and forth with Mickey all day, we had a hard time meeting them.  Their waits tended to be on the longer side...for obvious reasons. Look. How. Adorable. Their. Outfits. Are.   Actually, Dale kind of looks like he should be singing with Boys II Men.
   Anyway, we had a terrific interaction with them that probably lasted longer than it should have.

   Not really sure if this one counts...but I'm including it none the less.  Over in Carsland we met Red the firetruck, who Adam is obsessed with.  He doesn't talk like the other Cars meet and greets. However, he has a VERY loud honk and siren which scares the pants off of little kids. 

   We also had the pleasure of meeting Olaf.  Sure, we're not huge Frozen fans...but both admittedly like Olaf as a character.  He was tons of fun and did an adorable little dance between guests.

   These are just some of the awesome characters we met at Disney California Adventure.  We also hung out with a lot of our favorite repeat characters and the lovely citizens of Buena Vista Street who will demand their own blog post in the future.  Its ridiculous how much I love DCA.

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