Monday, May 18, 2015

Disney Hipsters Spend The Day At Gorgeous Paradise Pier...

   As you know, us Disney Hipsters have fallen madly in love with Disney California Adventure. I'm basically super obsessed with it, and can't even pinpoint why.  It is probably a mixture of all things DCA...including some of the maligned pre-billion dollar refurbishment.  One of my absolute favorite places in the entire world is Paradise Pier, and area that has existed since park opening, but has undergone a face lift all its own.
   On our recent Disneyland trip we spent a lot of time on said fact, I can think of nothing more lovely than drinking a beer and strolling along the boardwalk as people whiz by on California Screamin.  Here is a little video I made of an afternoon just like that...

   Cant you just smell the cheese on a stick now?  I can hardly believe that this area was once the disgrace it was.  The refurbishment has made it a lovely little slice of theme park goodness that fits right into the weird melange that is Disney California Adventure. 

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  1. Fun video, guys! Makes this WDW girl want to journey out to DL even more!

  2. great video! I have never even seen most of that stuff! (online....I definitely haven't seen any of it in person since I've never been to DL lol)

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