Monday, April 20, 2015

Vista Cafe on the Disney Fantasy

   Sometimes the most random things will surprise you. This is kind of what drives our lives really.  Often you will go into a situation with high expectations that will inevitably let you down, while other times the underdog in your mind will exceed those expectations.  This is the case with sweet little Vista Cafe on the Disney Fantasy. 

   Vista Cafe is located on deck four directly overlooking the ships gorgeous atrium.  This tiny cafe only features a few stools at the bar and few high top tables.  There are super comfy sofas just beyond the "official perimeter" of Vista, so feel free to use those. 
   Like the rest of the ship this space is all gussied up in her art nouveau finest. (think art nature.)  The warm color scheme of the ships atrium, and Vista Cafe, really is pleasant and provides a lovely backdrop for endless snacking. 

   Vista Cafe is one of three locations on the ship with a case "grab and go" goodies.  These aren't necessarily meant to be whole meals, merely supplement your hunger between meals...but listen, there is nothing wrong with gorging on the offerings found here.
   During morning hours the case is well stocked with pastries, muffins, danishes, and coffee cake.  Since Vista also has an extensive coffee menu this is a great place to start your morning.  The pastries are DISNEY STANDARD, so don't get too excited.  They're fine for what they are.  

   Mid day the case is stocked with mini cupcakes, brownies and other sweet things.  They're really adorable and hard to resist, but are honestly not that great at all. 
   However, the highlight of Vista Cafe's offerings come in the evening.  At this point the case is stocked with fresh cut crudités, olives, cheeses, crackers and a dense fig spread. (FYI: There is also cured meats...but eww.)   We found ourselves hungry a few hours after dinner each night and this was our go to spot.  I love salty food and in theory could survive off of the food provided here.  
   Its hard to describe the fig spread, but its best described as a flour less fruit cake.  Sounds weird, but is a nice counterpart to all the salty goodness.  I'd also like to mention that I appreciate ranch dressing, because I'm gross. So props for the inclusion of that. 

   As I mentioned before, there is a full selection of coffee drinks.  Vista also offers wine, cognac, and martinis. While the food remains blatantly and obnoxiously free, the drinks are not included with the price of your cruise, obvi.

   Perhaps the greatest thing about Vista Cafe is the close proximity to our favorite on board entertainment, The Fine Whines.  There is nothing better in the world that sitting on those comfy sofas, with a huge plate of olives and cheese, listening to the Fine Whines.  This is my perfect night. 

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  1. More Fantasy posts!! 32 days 'till we set sail!

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