Friday, April 24, 2015

Marc Davis Haunted Mansion Concept Art

   Its hard to figure out how certain pieces of Disney concept art become well known, while others less so.  I don't fancy myself an expert on any subject, let alone Disney history, but I do spend a inappropriate amount of time trolling Tumblr looking at Disney parks concept art.  It tends to be a lot of the same images, usually showcasing the most classic scenes in an attraction.  Often times these concepts show an illustrated version of something very similar to what was actually produced.  Maybe the familiarity is what drives people to continue sharing these images, which shows a lack of real interest in the actual history of an attraction. This is maddening because the process is the most interesting part of the finished attraction in many cases.  Anyway, I'm just typing to type at this point. Stop overthinking Andy.
   I find this to be the case a lot with Marc Davis.  While reading Marc Davis Walt Disney's Renaissance Man I was in awe of how many concept pieces I was unfamiliar with.  Here are just three gorgeous concepts for the Haunted Mansion.  Yes, I understand others ARE indeed familiar...but heck, I'm sure they're new so some of you.

Why would the attic bride have a dog? What? 

I heart this bat.

   I hope that you enjoyed these as much as I do. Walt Disney's Renaissance Man is seriously a wonderful resource into Marc Davis's background and process, and just stunning to look at.  I couldn't recommend it more. 

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