Friday, April 10, 2015

Early 1970's WDW Postcards Part 2

   Last week I shared the first half of a fun new acquisition of vintage Walt Disney World postcards.  Here is the second half as promised, which includes some real gems indeed.

This postcard has a lot going for it, and is my favorite of the bunch for sure. I mean

For some reason the Alice walk around characters never age well.  Its weird
because I REALLY LOVE the old White Rabbit costume. 

Shrugging before it was cool. 

This shot from Small World seems like such a weird image for a postcard. Right? 

I have no idea whats going on here.  Can someone tell me what this is? 
Maybe Discovery Island? 

   I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Adam and I will be going to the fossil and gem show, which we look forward to every my weekend is awesome.  Make sure you're following along via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.