Friday, April 10, 2015

Early 1970's WDW Postcards Part 2

   Last week I shared the first half of a fun new acquisition of vintage Walt Disney World postcards.  Here is the second half as promised, which includes some real gems indeed.

This postcard has a lot going for it, and is my favorite of the bunch for sure. I mean

For some reason the Alice walk around characters never age well.  Its weird
because I REALLY LOVE the old White Rabbit costume. 

Shrugging before it was cool. 

This shot from Small World seems like such a weird image for a postcard. Right? 

I have no idea whats going on here.  Can someone tell me what this is? 
Maybe Discovery Island? 

   I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Adam and I will be going to the fossil and gem show, which we look forward to every my weekend is awesome.  Make sure you're following along via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 


  1. Yeah, that's Discovery Island, back when it was called Treasure Island and had that shipwreck for guests to discover. Widen Your World has a great article about what it was like back then: