Monday, April 27, 2015

Breakfast at Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

   It may seem totally unlikely, but after a few days on a Disney Cruise you may start to get sick of the endless buffet offerings at Cabanas. That establishment touts an enormous variety...most of which is pretty good. However, you end up losing out on some of the niceties of a sit down restaurant.  
   Luckily, there is always an "included with cruise" sit down option for every meal.  These offerings are held in the rotational dinner restaurants, and usually have a shorter window of opportunity than Cabanas.  In our case, we were getting pretty sick of buffet food and decided to enjoy a slower pace on a day at sea toward the end of our trip. 

   Royal Court is the "fancy" (i.e. less in your face) of the three rotational dining restaurants.  It is by no means actual real life fancy, but is nice none the less.  The atmosphere is very warm, especially for breakfast when the sun is still filtering in.  The beige and gold color scheme isn't usually my color choice, but works well enough here.  Don't forget to check out the princess mosaics covering the walls! 

   The whole point of eating here for breakfast as opposed to Cabanas is for table take advantage of this time and relax.  Servers here will probably not be your team from dinner, though they are comprised of the same pool of servers. Rest assured you will be waited on hand and foot, often by a few different people. 
   The tables are dressed in their nice dinner linens, with real dishes.  After a week of cruising it is a real simple pleasure to drink out of a nice coffee cup with saucer. I'm not sure how the doughnut ended up on my table.  I'm pretty sure I just casually mentioned a doughnut and moments later it appeared. This is the kind of service you get. Doughnuts as far as the eye can see. 

   We had read a few reviews of this breakfast prior to our trip, and there were two stand outs on the menu that we wanted to try.  The dulce de leche waffle and the peanut butter and jelly pancake.  Both items are actually really yummy (I mean, obviously...) and are obnoxiously sweet.
   The waffle comes slathered in dulce de leche and sandwiches a hefty portion of whipped cream.  On a smaller scale, I think this would make a terrific dessert.  Breakfast though? Its a too little much to handle. Plus, I had just inhaled a doughnut, so its probably my fault.
   The pancake was a lot more acceptable as a breakfast food.  I need a little bit of salt to balance my breakfast, and the peanut butter did a good job with that.  Adam also insisted on ordering our favorite rectangle hash brown.  The servers will be more than happy to substitute any side dishes in Adam's case.  Also keep in mind that the pancake is on the children's menu, because we're children.

   Royal Court is a lovely place to eat dinner, and doesn't lose any of its charm for breakfast.  The food was good, albeit too sweet, and the service was excellent.  This is a good place to enjoy if you like being waited on, and don't want to worry about wrangling your party and searching for a seat at Cabanas.  My only real complaint would be the lack of savory options for vegetarians...I struggle with this at home, so I'm not surprised that it carries over to the cruise.  Likewise, I probably should have just had a coffee and doughnuts. 

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  1. Thanks for this review. We plan on doing a few breakfasts and lunches at the sit-down options, just to break away from the buffet craziness from time to time. Keep the cruise posts comin'!

  2. I'm anti-buffet so we always eat at Royal Court in the morning. When I'm on vacation I want to be waited on like a queen!


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