Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BGM Of The Week: Theater In The Wild

   Welcome back to another Background Music Loop Of The Week! Normally I reserve these posts for lazy Sundays or random Saturdays. However, cleaning the house yesterday morning I noticed a particular efficiency to my housekeeping.  The only think I could pin it on was that mornings music choice...the Theater In The Wild bgm.  For those of you who don't recognize the name the Theater In The Wild is the home of Finding Nemo: The Musical, on the walkway between Asia and Dinoland USA.
   I cannot confirm this, but I'm pretty convinced this background music loop is used by the Merry Maids to up their productivity.   Enjoy these soothing sounds whether you're cleaning or not...its pretty awesome.

   Admittedly, I wasn't always crazy about this loop.  It took a few listens before it really grew on me...but now as I pass Finding Nemo and hear this ambient loop I get the feels for real. Love it.