Wednesday, April 22, 2015

BGM Of The Week: Grand Californian

   In preparation for our Disneyland trip, which is just over a week away, I've been scouring Youtube for background music loops specific to the Disneyland Resort.
   Boy was I happy to find what is apparently the loop from the Grand Californian. (where we're staying...)  I say apparently because, though I've stayed at this hotel before, I'm not as intimately familiar with this music as say...Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I do tend to trust the source, aka Superhotlarry...who has never steered me off wrong before.

   This loop is similar to the Wilderness Lodge loop in the fact that it is mostly composed of epic movie scores.  Among them, Dances With Wolves...which makes tons of sense really.  Enjoy.

   I'm getting seriously excited and nervous about this trip.  I feel like there is a million and a half things I need to get done before the trip...but I just don't care.  I'm going to DISNEYLAND.  This loop in particular is getting me amped up for what is sure to be an amazing adventure. 

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