Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Quickie: Random Shots From Pizzafari

   I think I'm going to bring back the Sunday Quickie series on Disney Hipster Blog.  For those that don't remember they're akin to Silent Saturdays or Wordless Wednessdays...quick posts with little to no writing.  Mine are usually based off of a quick succession of photos taken in the parks.  USUALLY I had an idea for a blog post at the time the photos are taken, and then realized once I got home that it was either a stupid idea or that I don't have enough good photos.  This is the life of a truly lazy blogger.  Anyway, since Pizzafari is about to go through some huge changes, here are random shots from said restaurant...

   Welcome back Sunday Quickies...we've missed you.  Do you follow Disney Hipster Blog on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram?  If not you're missing out on general awesomeness.