Friday, March 27, 2015

Satellite Falls on the Disney Fantasy

   There are quite a few differences between The Magic (which we cruised on last year) and The Fantasy (which we just cruised on).  Whether its restaurants, on board activities, bars, or whatever...there is A LOT to get accustomed to between the two ships.
   One of the things that I was most curious about was Satellite Falls, a pool area specific to the Disney Fantasy.  Lets take a quick walk around the area and see if we can wrap our head around it...

   So what exactly is Satellite Falls? It is an adults only area of the ship located on deck 13 at the very front of the ships motion.  It includes a gorgeous wading pool and fountain for guests to relax in, that utilizes one of the ships satellites, hence the name.  The other satellites are used to cover groupings of wicker chairs providing plenty of shade in the area. 

   At the very front of the area is a long grouping of comfy lounge chairs hugging the curvature of the front of the ship.  These are prime real estate on the ship for those looking to relax and read.  Between your book, your drink, and the panoramic view of the ocean, you could spend hours watching the world go by. In fact, me and Adam fell asleep here on three separate occasions.

   The wading pool is open for the majority of the day.  However, the fountain feature is usually only turned on while in port.  I assume the high winds on this deck would create a disaster otherwise.  I tried to get in a few times while the ship was moving, but since you don't fully submerge its hard to get comfy with all the wind.  Honestly, its quite chilly.

   A few feet away, on deck 12 is Currents.  This outdoor bar is super charming, and never ever busy.  Though you can stop here at your leisure, its main function seems to be supplying drinks for the waitstaff to serve at Satellite Falls.  It is a rare moment on deck 13 when a server or two aren't enticing you to imbibe.  Seriously, they want you drunk on this ship.  Service is super friendly and very quick. 

   So I hope I shed some like on this area of the ship. Going into our voyage on the Fantasy I was a little perplexed as to what this area entailed, so it was among the first things we explored upon embarkation.  Here's to another cruise on the Fantasy in 2016! :)

   Have you ever been on the Disney Fantasy?  What is your favorite part of the ship?  Let us know over on Twitter or Facebook!  Plus, go ahead and follow us on Instagram while your at it. 


  1. My fiancé and I are honeymooning on the Fantasy for a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise this May. We've listened to your podcast recap, and love to read anything you post pertaining to it. You've made us even more excited! We're much like you guys in that we like to imbibe, aren't all 'magic and pixie dust Disney does nothing wrong', and like to explore the adult options in the parks and resorts. So, your advice and opinions are highly regarded. Oh, and we love DAK, too, so there's that in common. Thanks for sharing.

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