Friday, February 27, 2015

Some Shots From Flame Tree BBQ...Cause I Know You Guys Miss It

 Flametreebbqisthebestplaceinthewholeworldandyouguyscantlivewithoutitandhowcananyonepossibleybeavegetarianwhenflametreebbqexists!?!?!?!?! Trust me, I hear you guys ranting all the time. You love Flame Tree BBQ...I get it. With its refurbishment taking seemingly forever (again, this is all anyone ever complains about) I thought I would share a few pictures for the admittedly stunning outdoor seating area which I adore.

   Specifically I wanted to share these terrific stone animal emblems that line the walkway leading down to the seating area.  Many times while discussing anything on Discovery Island we tend to focus on the oh so whimsical brightly colored wood carving.  These carvings are the main event for good reason. However, there is an equal abundance of stonework found in the area.  

   The stone details tend to fall into the background of the scene, and add another layer to the area. Oftentimes these details are moss covered, crumbling, and literally hidden in the foliage. Trust me, Discovery Island is a lot more rich than it first appears,  you just have to dig a little bit.

   Truthfully, we rarely go down to the beautiful seating area that this restaurant provides.  I understand that its a barbecue restaurant...but all they provide for vegetarians is a fruit bowl...and I am not one to eat fruit for lunch. Gross.  But on the off chance that I do wander down here I'm always overwhelmed with how dense the theming and detail is.  I absolutely love it.  Now bring in some Gardein products and make a veggie bbq sandwich!!!!

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  1. What can I say about this place! This will be the place I come if I crave for seafood. I am not a seafood fan but Las Vegas restaurants offers fresh from the ocean seafood. We started off with crab cake and sea urchin tartar. Best crab cake I have ever had.

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