Friday, February 13, 2015

Mitsukoshi Department Stores Sake Bar (but I drink beer...)

   How have I gone three and a half years without discussing the little sake bar in the Mitsukoshi department store in the Japan pavilion?!?  Seeing that I love the pavilion, love booze, and love adorableness. It seems pretty nuts, I know.
   The bar is very tiny indeed, and offers no actual seating.  The idea here is tasting, not hunkering down and getting loaded.  The bar is found just past the back (some might say me for instance) entrance of the store next to the fun Japanese snacks and wide selection of sake.

   Theming wise the bar just melts into the surrounding area which is clearly the point.  Just a sleek little bar with a small selection of drinks.  Regardless of the limited selection there is no want for drunken Epcot goers. As long as I've been visiting Epcot I've rarely seen this bar abandoned. It seems to be a last minute idea for those traversing World Showcase, as I notice people tend to be double fisting with their previous drink. What is it about the allure of the sake bar?  


   For those of us who don't care for sake there is a beer option!  The Ginga Kogen beer is  and unfiltered wheat ale.  There is a nice yeasty cloudiness to the beer, and is good for the hefeweizen style.  Its not obnoxiously estery like wheat beers have a tendency to be and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  

   Unlike the sake tasting, where you're kind of expected to enjoy at the bar itself, I think it would be weird/unexpected to drink an entire beer here.  Instead I feel the Mitsukoshi department store calling my name. But the beer does play a key role in drinking around the world considering how long I tend to spend in the store.

   The store gets super bonus points for having the most adorable cast members. Actually, the entire Japan pavilion can take than honor.  I've never had a bad experience with CMs in Japan.  Next time your in World Showcase stop by the sake bar and enjoy something new.


  1. I love sake I Can't believe I never noticed this little bar!

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