Friday, February 27, 2015

Some Shots From Flame Tree BBQ...Cause I Know You Guys Miss It

 Flametreebbqisthebestplaceinthewholeworldandyouguyscantlivewithoutitandhowcananyonepossibleybeavegetarianwhenflametreebbqexists!?!?!?!?! Trust me, I hear you guys ranting all the time. You love Flame Tree BBQ...I get it. With its refurbishment taking seemingly forever (again, this is all anyone ever complains about) I thought I would share a few pictures for the admittedly stunning outdoor seating area which I adore.

   Specifically I wanted to share these terrific stone animal emblems that line the walkway leading down to the seating area.  Many times while discussing anything on Discovery Island we tend to focus on the oh so whimsical brightly colored wood carving.  These carvings are the main event for good reason. However, there is an equal abundance of stonework found in the area.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Gaston's Tavern Bathroom Signage

   It's been a while since I've dedicated a post to bathroom signage, and even long since I debated the importance of well themed restroom designation.  So scrolling through old vacation photos and coming across an adorable set doesn't riddle me with guilt.

   This terrific set of well themed gender designating signs are found outside of the restroom at Gaston's Tavern in New Fantasyland. These are very close to where Gaston himself meets with guests, and sometime the line from that actually interferes with access to these restrooms.  They're not the ideal location to relieve yourself, honestly. However the signs are NEAR perfect...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fulton's General Store's Amazing Merchandise Toppers

   Towards the end of a lengthy Walt Disney World vacation we're often at a loss for things to do.  Its not that we can't visit Epcot again or eat at Sanaa again...its that we start to get slightly restless.  Its in these moments of desperation (I use that word lightly, because its Disney World after all...) that we venture off into unknown corners of the World.
   During one of these fits of boredom that Adam and I enjoyed a visit to Port Orleans Riverside in October.  We had stayed at French Quarter before, but never took the short stroll to explore the expansive other side of Port Orleans.  The resort is super charming indeed.  We spent the better part of an hour riding bikes around the various neighborhoods, exploring the pools, and circumnavigating the Sassagoula River.  Overall, we kind of fell in love with it.
   Here is one tiny highlight of the whimsical theming of the resorts main shop Fulton's General Store. 

   These merchandise toppers are super cute, and show the mischief of the younger generation. Seems fitting in all Disney resorts, no?  The characters are dressed in period clothes, and at least TRY to stick with the theme of the store.  I don't tend to mind the use of characters in a situation like this where they're not to in your face.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Princess Gathering On The Disney Fantasy

   Something that we did not partake in on our inaugural cruise last year was the princess gathering.  This meet and greet opportunity is very very popular with guests of all ages...for good reason. You can basically meet four of your favorite princesses with little to no wait, in an orderly fashion.  No outrageously priced buffet with roaming characters and bad photography.  This is simple and tons of fun.
   The popularity of this meet and greet brings the only caveat.  Tickets are required to take part in the princess gathering, and these tickets go extremely fast.  They do not cost money as they're included with your cruise, but the limited number should make them a priority upon boarding the ship.  We literally saw families running to get them. Yikes.

 The princesses taking their positions.  Everyone gets SUPER HYPED UP
when they finally come out. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mitsukoshi Department Stores Sake Bar (but I drink beer...)

   How have I gone three and a half years without discussing the little sake bar in the Mitsukoshi department store in the Japan pavilion?!?  Seeing that I love the pavilion, love booze, and love adorableness. It seems pretty nuts, I know.
   The bar is very tiny indeed, and offers no actual seating.  The idea here is tasting, not hunkering down and getting loaded.  The bar is found just past the back (some might say me for instance) entrance of the store next to the fun Japanese snacks and wide selection of sake.

   Theming wise the bar just melts into the surrounding area which is clearly the point.  Just a sleek little bar with a small selection of drinks.  Regardless of the limited selection there is no want for drunken Epcot goers. As long as I've been visiting Epcot I've rarely seen this bar abandoned. It seems to be a last minute idea for those traversing World Showcase, as I notice people tend to be double fisting with their previous drink. What is it about the allure of the sake bar?  


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Simpsons Go On Soarin

   I'm like, way behind on Simpsons episodes, so forgive the latency of this post.  Last night I was catching up on this seasons episodes, and there was not only a Disney reference happy episode, but the Disney "love" carried over into the next episode.  In the scene Bart and a hypnotized Homer go on Soarin...themed to Springfield obviously.  I love that the composer took the time to mock the beautiful Soarin soundtrack in such a fun/accurate way! Perfection.  Enjoy below.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What We Did With Ten Hours At Disney World

   Prior to our recent Disney Cruise we often played hypothetical question on our various social media outlets. (You do follow us on Twitter, right?) Asking the question, What would you do if you only had ten hours at Walt Disney World? Knowing that we would be faced with this predicament. The answers were as varied as you can imagine, so in the end our crowd sourcing was of help, albeit very little.  As our cruise ended and the day approached I definitely didn't feel prepared.  This was after all the last time I'd be at Disney World until our annual blowout in October, so I had to make it count. (rest assured in the fact that we are going to Disneyland in May...)  Here is a recap of how we spent our day.

   The day started off with lines...not at Disney World, but on the ship. Waiting to disembark then waiting to go through customs, then waiting for a rental car.  I wasn't happy.  I was pretty sure that all this waiting was going to throw off my ten hour game quite a bit, and with such a short time frame I really had to make each moment count.  Regardless of these setbacks and Adam's reckless driving we actually made it to our destination by 10:15 or so which is perfect because we had Peter Pan's Flight fast passes at 10:30.  First stop?  Adventureland egg roll cart...

   I know that these are not mind blowing egg rolls by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a sentimental attachment to them.  I ended up eating two actually while Adam had his favorite pina colada slush from Sunshine Tree Terrace.  I was definitely getting in the spirit of this silly visit, but my instinct is to take a million pictures and forget to have fun...luckily Adam wasn't having it and made me slow down and meander. After such a relaxing seven days on the ship, why would we have a rushed exhausting end?  I tried to forget I was a blogger, I really did. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Bicycles Of Animal Kingdom...

   The scattered junk found at Disney's Animal Kingdom is basically my favorite thing in the world.  These battered props add a detailed lived in richness to the park.  The focus here is usually the Africa and Asia sections since these are tangible actual jumping off points for inspiration.  Don't get me wrong, Dinoland USA has an abundance of reappropriated refuse.
   I'd be seriously hard pressed to find a detail in either Harambe or Anandapur that I don't love, but the bicycles of these areas are getting our attention today.  Prompted by Disney Hipster Keith's love of one particular bike, I made a quick lap around the park and snapped a few pictures.  Before I share these pictures I would like to mention that these were taken as part of our marathon 10 hours at WDW last Saturday. SO, in an effort to keep on schedule (and this NOT being part of the schedule...) I was rushed and I'm pretty sure I'm missing at least one bike...but whatever, I'll share those one day.

   The best bikes are found in Harambe...actually, to get more specific the Harambe expansion that opened last year.  Next to the areas amazing new bathroom we find a lone beauty and in the stroller parking area we find "the twins."

   In old Harambe we find this yellow speedster...again next to a restroom.  This bike has always been a favorite of mine to take pictures of, usually waiting for Adam to use the facility.  Hey, I take opportunities when I find them. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Princess Mosaics Of Royal Court On The Disney Fantasy

   As part of each Disney Cruise Line ship there are three rotational dining restaurants.  These restaurants vary in theme from ship to ship, with some translating better than others.  One of the prettier restaurants in the fleet is Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy. This restaurant is supposed to be the "fancier" of the three, and while this normally would be a disaster in theming Royal Court almost gets away with it. Seriously though, when has Disney actually pulled off "fancy"? Even our beloved Victoria & Alberts has an ultimate long island iced tea on the menu.

   The restaurant is located on deck three midship, just past the iconic Minnie Mouse statue and right in the middle of the ships activity.  Royal Court is rich with warm inviting colors of gold and beige which makes dining there the most pleasant of the three. The other two are fine but much more obnoxious.
   You know I'm not the type to want Disney characters (especially princesses) thrown in my face at all times while at Disney World...or on the ships for that matter.  However, when done subtly and SOMEWHAT tastefully I can deal with it. This is the case of Royal Court, which integrates a few very pretty mosaics.

   I appreciate these because they actually bring some visual interest to the restaurant, which is mostly lacking in artwork.  (there is a notable unfortunate exception...) Sticking with the color palate of the restaurant, the shades of tile are soft and muted.  These mosaics aren't shoved in your face, and I really love that. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Quick Thoughts On Our Cruise.

   Hey guys! We're back! Though, through the power of Buffer and magic, you may have never noticed we were gone. Regardless, we are in fact back on land after a week aboard the beautiful Disney Fantasy.
   You may recall that last year we went on our first Disney cruise...three nights on the Disney Magic...which acted as a test to see if we were "cruise people."  We certainly were and decided to take the plunge with this much longer voyage.  We were a bit nervous about the length of the cruise and the potential boredom that three days at sea might bring. However, these long stretches of "nothing" proved very helpful indeed, and for the first time ever both Adam and myself were able to relax.

This pool is so inviting. Yes, you can drink while in the pool...

   Relaxation is almost impossible for us at either Walt Disney World or Disneyland.  I'm not sure whether its the over stimulation of my surroundings or simply eager to document absolutely everything, but we are always completely exhausted at the parks. The length of this cruise proved just the ticket.  We spent countless hours lounging on decks 4 and 13 reading and collecting a nice sea salt crust on our glasses. (yes, that is a real thing that happens...) Plus, we had coveted Rainforest passes and found time to use this private area of the spa every day of the about relaxing.  If you don't know about the Rainforest watch this video from Inside The Magic.

   Between all the relaxation we had a lot of fun galavanting around this ship, snapping pictures, and collecting some fun blog posts.  These posts will be spread out over the course of the year, similar to the way we slowly review the Magic last year.  This is both for your benefit as well as ours.  We love to relive our adventures throughout the year instead of rushing through them immediately.  

Adam and an iguana in San Juan.