Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obsessed With: Yosemite HipstaPak At WDW

   You guys know we like to take photos at Walt Disney World, obviously. However we are admittedly terrible at it.  Thus, when new filter options for our beloved Hipstamatic app come out we're generally elated. Mind you that some of these filter options can be pretty terrible. For some examples of both good and bad look back at our Summer series Shake To Randomize around World Showcase.
   Just before our last trip to WDW Hipstamatic release the Yosemite series of filters which includes the Muir "lens" and Sequoia "film."  Working together these two filters create a gorgeous, soft, warm image reminiscent of old National Geographic photos.  Let me tell you, I'm obsessed with this combo at Walt Disney World.

   We found that Adventureland is the most ideal area for this filter. However, any bright open area, ideally with a lot of landscaping, will work perfectly. I love the variation that it brings to the color of the sky, and the fact that it mutes the greens in plant life.  The Land pavilion is another great opportunity.

   Disney World and muted photos...what a great combination right?  With thousands of filter variations Hipstamatic remains our go to photo app, especially at Disney World.  Its nice to know that they still release new filters on a regular basis, keeping us entertained, and our photos relatively less horrible.