Monday, December 1, 2014

Two Disney Christmas Music Loops...Because Its December

   Yay! Thanksgiving is over! The end of this holiday signifies only one thing in my house...the ability to listen to Christmas music.  Adam strictly forbids Christmas tunes prior to Thanksgiving, along with our tree and decorations.  In a way the shorter time frame does make the season a little more special, but waiting for these next two loops can be at times unbearable.
     I'm not 100% sure that these are the actual loops played in The Magic Kingdom or Epcot, but they sound familiar enough. Like most Disney background music loops these aren't that obtrusive, and truly act as background music for your day.  Unlike many traditional Christmas albums, these don't get terribly annoying after your first listen.  Enjoy.

   Do you have any favorite Disney Christmas music?  Do you have a specific time frame that you let yourself enjoy them?  What about Disney specific decorations!?!?  Let us know/share pictures with us over on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.