Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year In Disney Hipster Blog: Part One

   Taking a note from the Disney Hipster Podcast Playbook (yes, its a real thing...) this blog has always done a year end recap of some of our favorite posts and highlights from the previous year.  I always enjoy looking back at the year as a whole, and thinking "Gosh! I sure did a lot...) 2014 was an exciting year around here too, so lets get started.

   - One of my favorite posts from January was a Good Design Bad Design style look at the Ticket And Transportation Center.    I'm still super conflicted about this space...

   - We didn't make it too far into the year before reviewing a cocktail! Obviously.  Here is the yummy black cherry lemonade...

   - Clearly we wouldn't be Disney Hipsters without being a little negative this year Six Things We Hate About Tomorrowland. 

    - After years of putting it off I finally explored the Drinkwallah and lower garden at Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

   - Our long running series Coverland continued with A World Of My Own.

   - In February not only did we release our Spinners! video...but we also announced the release date of Lets Move To Disney World. 

   - In 2014 WE FINALLY WENT ON A DISNEY CRUISE! And here were our initial thoughts...

   - This year we celebrated Valentines Day with CULT FOOD VALENTINES! 

   - If you only had four hours to spend in Epcot, what would you do?  We had to figure that our ourselves...

   - Our super talented friend Lauren produced these gorgeous Country Bear paintings.

   - Do you like fun lighting fixtures at Animal Kingdom Lodge? Yeah, us too. 

   - Speaking of Animal Kingdom Lodge...we hosted an AMAZING themed party, including our favorite AKL foods. 

   - We took an in depth look at meeting characters on a Disney Cruise!  I wish this had existed prior to our voyage on the Magic. 

   - One of my absolute favorite posts from the year, we look at five interesting vegetarian quick service meals at Epcot. 

   -One mediocre meal after another...Lumieres on the Disney Magic was super blah. 

   - Expanding upon my love tolerance of the Italy pavilion, I explore 6 things I DONT HATE about it. 

   - We also finally explored one of my favorite stores! The Serka Zong Bazaar at Animal Kingdom!


   - One of the most popular posts of the year was a recap of our day on Castaway Cay!!! What a perfect experience we had...

   - Speaking of things that make me smile: Here are six photos from our May trip that make me incredibly happy...

   - A year long series chronicling some details at Disney's Hollywood Studios finally brought us to Gertie The Freaking Dinosaur!!!


   - We made a recipe video for our CULT FOOD OF THE YEAR: Tipsy Ducks In Love...

   - And we didn't neglect my favorite Adventureland snacks is our review of the Adventureland egg roll cart. 

   - Good Design / Bad Design lives on! This time with the Signs Of Adventureland. 


   - We spend the Summer doing a "Shake To Randomize" series around World Showcase, and Norway was my favorite example.

   - Our favorite topic of all, restrooms at Walt Disney World, was explored. This time in the Importance Of Well Themed Restroom Signage. 

   - My excessive cleaning was explored via a Magic Kingdom Playlist of music. 

   - A lot of people ask us Why Disney Hipsters? and we explored this topic exhaustively back in June. I think this explains the whole thing pretty well. 

   - Rounding out the first half of the year we examined the differences and similarities in the concept art of the Caravan Stage at Animal Kingdom. 

   Wow! Only half way through the year and I'm already exhausted.  I love these posts because it gives me a reason to reflect on all the cool stuff we did throughout the year.  Come back tomorrow for the rest of our blog highlights from 2014.  :)


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  2. When is the second half of 2014 podcast getting uploaded to iTunes? :(


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