Thursday, December 11, 2014

High Octane Refreshments At Disney's Hollywood Studios

   Amidst the Year Of Learning To Appreciate Hollywood Studios I decided that the best way to accomplish our goal (appreciating the any capacity.) I needed some booze.  DHS has never been a park I drink at.  To be honest, we're usually out of this park by 11:30 at the latest.  Yes, we do visit the Tune In Lounge at least once per trip, but that visit is strictly to appease Adam's milkshake addiction.  
    So, this past October I made a point of getting legit buzzed within the confines of my least favorite park, in an effort to widen my love of this vaguely themed park.  There are actually plenty of places to get a drink in the studios, but few actual bars.  Even the lovely Brown Derby with its fabulous drinks doesn't have a proper bar.   Among the few options is High Octane Refreshments. 

   This little hole in the wall bar is directly next to the crowd eating Studio Catering Company.  The theming is non existent, but does tie in with the scheme of the surrounding buildings, and doesn't stand out at all.  There is only a minuscule amount of high top stools if you actually want to cozy up to the bar, but there is plenty of tables in the area.  But honestly this isn't the kind of bar you want to spend significant time at.

   The menu reads exactly like you might expect.  The listed cocktails are all standard bar menu classics, except maybe the rum runner.  Beer is all standard throughout property as well, though vastly improved over the last year or so.  I understand the limited selection of draft beer, but there is no reason to no diversify the bottle/can list.  Especially considering the availability of Cigar City and Sierra Nevada around Walt Disney World.

   High Octane Refreshments will whet your whistle in a pinch.  However, the line here can grow exceedingly fast...and with only one bartender to make drinks AND ring people up (on our visit anyway) you're bound to be in line for a while.  I should note that our bartender was fabulous, and kept the line moving and smiled continuously under pressure.  Kudos to her for that.   If you see a line and you're looking for something along the lines of a Bud Light, save yourself the trouble and just go to Studio Catering Company next door.  But if you need to step up your beer game slightly, this isn't a bad option.

   Whats your favorite place to drink at Disney's Hollywood Studios?  Have you ever visited High Octane?  Let us know what you think!!! On Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!