Monday, December 15, 2014

"Gourmet" Flavored Popcorn At Epcot

    There are a few things that make Disney social media blow up.  Park expansion announcements, attraction closures, drunken fights between bloggers...all the usual suspects.  However, new horrible/amazing theme park food reigns supreme.  And this gourmet flavored popcorn at Epcot was, for a moment, the Kim Kardashian's ass of Disney social media.

   This unassuming kiosk near the Imagination pavilion at Epcot debuted these flavored popcorns late this past Summer.  By mid morning of its debut accusations were flying wildly.  Everything from BEST SNACK EVER! NEW CULT FAVORITE! to THIS IS WHATS WRONG WITH THE DISNEY COMPANY! AGH! WHY CANT WE HAVE HORIZONS BACK!  
   I'm telling you, people are crazy when it comes to theme park snack options. I knew I needed to try these asap.  And in October thats exactly what I did.

   The popcorn comes in three varieties "orange cheese", buffalo bleu cheese, and sour cream and chives.  If you want to try all three (and obviously you do...) the Cast Member will be happy to give a scoop of each into your bucket, providing a layered savory journey through bad popcorn.

   I wish I could tell you that I am in the "pro-gourmet flavored popcorn camp," but alas I am not.  The popcorn wasn't fresh, and had so much hydrogenated oil that it left a disgusting coating in my mouth.  The flavors were definitely a fun idea, and I defiantly enjoyed the buffalo bleu cheese more than the other two.  For being such brightly colored snacks (ala Doritos) you would expect a much more bold flavor, but these lacked any real punch to them.  I ended up only eating a handful of each flavors.

   Have you ever had this popcorn at Epcot?  How does it hold up to the classic popcorn of Main Street USA?  Let us know how you feel over on Twitter!