Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas In Adventureland

   It's Christmastime hardcore around Disney Hipster Headquarters...and while normally this time of year usually leaves us overworked and exhausted, we we're feeling particularly festive.  Instead of waiting until Christmas day we decided to share our gift early...

   Now don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  Christmas in Adventureland will do that too you...and you're in luck! This original song is available on iTunes!  Happy Holidays to all of our listeners/readers/friends.  If you're new to DHB make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. 


  1. This made my day. Thanks for always spreading positivity. Merry Xmas from Key West.



  2. That was awesome! Keith's eyes were super creepy!

  3. Pretty sure my favorite part was Keith on his phone.

  4. So adorable. Merry Christmas! Mahalo! Xoxo Dawn