Friday, November 14, 2014

Disney BGM Of The Week: Buena Vista Street

   Welcome to another Disney Background Music of the Week! This week we're heading to back to the west coast, in anticipation of our trip to the Disneyland resort in May.  Since we last visited Disney California Adventure in 2012 both Buena Vista Street (DCA's answer to Main Street USA...) and Cars Land have both opened to much applause.  Though I'm pretty excited to visit the land of Cars, my real interest is in Buena Vista Street.  Not only does the area look gorgeous, but it will be nice to visit the park using a proper entrance. You see, we visited during construction of the whole park and were corralled AROUND this street entirely.
   This charming street comes with an equally charming background music loop!  Think Main Street USA, if you were to fast forward a few decades.  This loop comes from our favorite source of Disney BGM, MrThemeParkAudios... who we're so grateful for all the hard work.

   Now doesn't that loop make you happy!?!?  Its hard not to feel productive listening to this music, it just makes me want to clean my house, or dance, or...anything really.  Even with the construction walls during our trip to DCA a few years ago we still absolutely fell in is our thoughts on that from 2012.