Friday, November 7, 2014

Disney BGM Loop Of The Week: Tower Of Terror Lobby

   Welcome back to another Background Music Loop Of The Week! This blog series was put on hold for a while, as Youtube was running a little dry on quality loops.  However, toward the end of the Summer several of my absolute favorites popped up in their entirety (or near entirety.)  So at least for a few weeks I'll bring this series back for a revival. 

    Among the loops I was super excited to stumble upon was the full Tower of Terror lobby music loop!  This eerie loop is comprised of jazzy period specific music, and reverb?  The additional effects laid on top of these songs adds a distant and spooky quality to the area. Where exactly is this music coming from!?!? 

   This isn't necessarily the kind of music to clean your house to, but does make for some fun listening at night as you're wrapping up your day.  This particular loop video is from Super Hot make sure to visit their youtube for other fun stuff. :)