Monday, November 10, 2014

Coverland: Robin Hood's Not In Nottingham

   After getting into a random conversation on Twitter regarding how severely underrated 1973's Robin Hood is, I remembered doing a (bad) cover version of Not In Nottingham many years ago.  Not In Nottingham is a highlight from that underrated film, and effectively portrays a sense of desperation that the characters are feeling.  The original was written and performed by Roger Miller, who also voices Alan-a-Dale the minstrel rooster.
   So that your visit to Disney Hipster Blog today isn't a complete waste of time I've also included two other covers of the song, that are much better. ;)

   Hopefully I will get back in the habit of putting together more Coverland posts.  I love the fresh perspective that covers of classic Disney songs brings, not to mention further appreciation of the original compositions.  
   If you have any song you would like to see featured let us know via Twitter or Facebook!