Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Quick Recap Of Our Crescent Lake Barcrawl Meet Up...

   I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the awesome Disney Hipster podcast meet up that we had back in October.  Scrolling through the many thousands of photos we took during our trip I came upon the (painfully...) few photos that I took during the bar crawl.  You see, when you're having fun meeting amazing listeners/readers its hard to remember to memorialize the event in photos.
    Here is the gist of the evening.  We started the event at Bellevue Lounge at Disney's Boardwalk Resort, where a surprising number of our guests were already waiting.  I'm not a huge fan of Bellevue, though I know a lot of people love it. So I wanted to get out of there pretty quickly.

Moving on...

   We visited Hurricane Hannahs at The Beach Club, followed by Ale and Compass at The Yacht Club.  Ale and Compass was actually a surprise is very small and in a weird location, but sometimes the awkwardness of it makes the situation super charming. Plus, the thing about our bar crawl meet ups...we tend to pick up people along the way.  In this case 76 people...that we can remember anyway.  So imagine our huge group taking over the lobby of Yacht Club, and completely overwhelming the sweet bartender. Amazing...

Adam is surprisingly good at working the crowd...this is @TammyYIP and family. 
She's the greatest. 

@Reidkid1 provided me with beer all night. This is one reason why
I love him and @hmb717

   At this point we attempted to fit our group in Bluzoo's small bar area, but I got too claustrophobic and moved the party upstairs to the notoriously awesome and underrated Lobby Lounge.  This is seriously one of my favorite bars on property, and they make super strong drinks.  We also took a pretty epic group shot...

What a terrific group!

   Moving from the Dolphin Resort to the Swan we headed to Kimono's...which tends to be a little divisive among WDW fans.  But guess what?  Our group got in the spirit and held their own in karaoke...

Adam singing with @megadis13 is tradition...obvi.

Jamie, @thejenntracker, and @megadis13...raucus.  

Why so depressed Helen and Steve?

   Finishing our time at Kimonos, Adam and Keith conducted a group singalong to The Cranberries classic Zombie. I wish I'd taken more pictures of them singing, but Jamie and I were caught up in the moment taking selfies...but managed to get Adam and Keith in one.  See my smile?  That is LEGIT HAPPINESS right there...

   No Crescent Lake bar crawl would be complete without at stop at the notorious Picabu Buffeteria...though we had already left the Dolphin, we had to back track to visit our favorite 24 hour eatery.  And this is the only photo I took.  A sad  picture of tacos, my way...

   Thanks everyone who made it out to spend some time with us, whether you read this blog, listen to our show, or are completely oblivious to what we do and just wanted to hang out with some fun people.  I felt some serious love that night, and it makes Disney Hipster Blog worth every second I thank you. 


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