Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WDW Countdown Chain: 6 - 1

   This is it folks. Adam and I are leaving for Disney World tomorrow evening, and we couldn't be more excited/hectic.  I, for one, haven't even begun to pack...but whatever: WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I am in the best mood ever. 
   So with our trip upon us, its time to finish off this list of things I'm looking forward to during our vacation...

   6: Wishes From Top Of The World Lounge.

   Watching the epic Magic Kingdom fireworks is always fun...but the experience is heightened 10 fold by viewing them from Bay Lake Towers own Top Of The World Lounge.  Not only is the space gorgeous, and drinks plentiful, but the view of the fireworks can't be beat.  This is one of my favorite things of all time. 

   5: Drinking Around The World

   Come knew this was going to be on the list right?  Drinking around World Showcase is a right of passage... and is fun year round. However, the additional offerings during the Food and Wine Festival really steps it up a notch.  Drinking around the world is even better when you're with good friends...

   4: Spending Time With My Sister and Her Kids...

   My sister is my BFF, and her kids are super amazing.  Seeing that they live a short distance away from WDW, they will be visiting us for a few days! They've become quite experienced and touring the parks themselves!  Yipee!  Nothing better than this... 

   3: Hoop De Doo Musical Review!

Random picture of a bison in Trails End...because why not?

   Out of all the new things we're trying on this trip Hoop De Doo Musical Review is probably the one I'm most excited about.  This long running dinner show serves a pretty basic meal (especially for vegetarians...), but is overcompensated with a renowned and hilarious spectacle. I've never heard one negative review of this experience, so my expectations are very high.  PLUS we get to visit the super charming Fort Wilderness! 

   2: Filling My "Resevoir." 

   This is a personal one.  You see, when you write a blog about your love of Disney, and record a weekly Disney podcast, and keep up with social media (and its subsequent drama...) sometimes you can feel a little burnt out.  And while I still absolutely love running Disney Hipster Blog, there are other times when I feel a little "meh." I use these trips to refill my reservoir, in terms of both blog ideas and general appreciation of Disney.  I NEED this trip, and can't wait to feel the Disney magic again. 

   1: Checking Into Jambo House

   After three nights at The Grand Floridian, we move over to our real home.  Eight nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge sounds so idyllic and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the moment comes when I walk into this epic lobby to check it.  This is the thing I'm most looking forward to. :)

   If you want to follow along on our epic vacation, make sure that your following us on Twitter and Instagram! We will be updating there constantly during our adventure...

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