Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Muziki At Animal Kingdom...

   Lets file blog post under a few categories: awesome theming, random and bizarre, often overlooked.   Located on the Africa side of the trail between African and Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom,  the Muzika stand is a great addition to the park.  No, it doesn't serve any REAL purpose, besides being a stopping point for you Wilderness Explorers...but it does add some fun theming to the area.  Lets take a quick look...

   This area is rustically themed, as is the rest of Harambe, utilizing lots of beat up weathered wood and thatch.  The display features many different African instruments.  No, you can't actually play with these, though there are usually a few drums around to beat on. Normally you will find kids playing here, but I've seen a few drunk adults get in on the action too.

   Take a moment the next time you're traversing Animal Kingdom to explore this small area, regardless of whether or not you're playing Wilderness Explorers!  The theming here is on point, as I've seen many guests question whether or not the instruments are actually for sale. (they're not...)  Just another great example of why I adore this park with such gusto.

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