Monday, October 20, 2014

Maelstrom Fishing Village Exit Queue Chronicled By The Dis...

   The Dis has never been a blog that we have any contact with.  They seem relatively disconnected from smaller Disney blogs, (like the one you're reading now...) and hence I can't have an informed opinion. However, they do provide a lot of useful information for people visiting the parks, especially those visiting for the first time.
   One of the favorite extracurricular services they have been providing comes via their Youtube!  The Dis posts these wonderful "atmosphere" videos.  In these clips the camera is simply left to record for five minutes, gathering a particular feel.  I find myself watching these pretty often, especially when I'm particularly homesick for Disney World.
   After the recent closure of Maelstrom I found myself increasingly upset about the fishing village exit of the attraction. This was arguably the best theming in the attraction, and one of the best "faux dusk" inside/outside environments created by Disney.  It was perfect.  You can imagine how happy I was, while trolling Youtube this morning, to discover that The Dis had chronicled this area with not one BUT THREE atmosphere videos.   Here they are:

   Thanks a lot to The Dis for providing these awesome videos.  I'm really glad someone took the time  not only to document this space, but actually gather videos that articulate the feel of it.  I'll miss you fishing village. :(


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  2. Thanks so much to alerting me of the Dis park bench videos. I didn't know they existed and now I'm addicted.

    PS - of course I love the Hipster podcast and blog