Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Quickie: Random Shots From The Disney Magic...

   We are in the midst of a (supposedly) glorious Walt Disney World vacation!  And this has me thinking a lot about our NEXT Disney adventure...a four night Disney cruise in January.  To help get me in the mood I've been perusing our photos from our first cruise on the Disney Magic this past January.   Here are some random shots that make my heart smile...

I have a love/hate relationship with Frozen...but my heart is weak for Olaf. This photo op in the 
terminal is fantastic. 

We loved exploring the ship before it was completely crowded with people. Though the
food was meh I loved the atmosphere of Animator's Palate. 

At the time, the Disney Cruise line was still offering my beloved Nescafe...
but they have subsequently switched. :( 

I just like that Adam ate a brownie on a stick...

   I'm so excited for our upcoming cruise! I have a lot less anxiety about it than I did the first time around, since I consider ourselves a little more seasoned. I'm sure I will find something to obsess over before hand, especially considering we will be on a different cruise.  :)


  1. Hope you both are squeezing in some fun while at "work"! Thank you for a fantastic, well-written and thoughtful blog. While i don't have a background in design, i love how your posts make me think critically of the park experiences. See you one day at Disney!

  2. I tried looking into it but we were on the same ship at around the same time! What was your sail date? The Magic at the end of january was my first ever cruise and I loved it.

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