Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And We're Back...

   Disney vacations come go so quickly.  It seems like the months of planning have all disappeared into the ether, and here we are again lost in the sadness of post Disney depression.  Fortunately we had one of the greatest vacations ever, filled with new experiences (hotels, restaurants, attractions...) and plenty of great friends both old and new.  I'm so incredibly humbled by everyone who came out to our Crescent Lake bar crawl meet up...76+ people in total, and to those who went out of their way to say hi in the parks.  You guys make everything we do worth it...and I'll say it again, Disney Hipster Blog/Podcast fans are the most attractive bunch.   For those of you who followed along via Twitter or Instagram, thank you so much...half the fun of these trips are sharing the fun with you. :)

   As far as the "work" part of the trip, rest assured that I indeed found time to fill my reservoir of Disney goodness. Be it photos, videos, or blog/podcast ideas...we should have plenty to get us through our next trip.  In the realm of creative projects, I have a few fun things brewing, even though they might take a bit longer than some of my other ventures.  (no, the sequel to Lets Move To Disney World is NOT on the horizon quite yet...)   I seriously can't wait to get started...and to start planning our next trip! 


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