Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shake To Randomize: Canada and The American Adventure

   Sorry for the long delay in finishing up our Summer series of Shake To Randomize around Epcot's World Showcase. The fact of the matter is, I DIDNT HAVE ANY SHAKE TO RANDOMIZE PHOTOS OF CANADA OR AMERICA.  Keith of Disney Hipster Podcast fame was willing to snap a few for me while on vacation. If you need to read about the origin of our Shake To Randomize series, I suggest reading the first post. 
   The Canada pavilion is very pretty, if not overly photogenic.  I was genuinely not surprised when I realized I had skipped the pavilion in my tour.  However, this area takes on a whole new life with this creepy combination.

   The monochromatic films available on Hipstamastic aren't ideal for family vacation photos, but if you've photographed an area several times this can really change the feel of your photos and define them from your other sets.

   Even less surprising than my oversight of Canada was me walking right past the American Adventure.  Again, this pavilion is actually quite pretty...but genuinely hard to photograph.  Going through my archives the only photos I can find are of me drinking during the Food And Wine Festival.   Keith saved the day with this one...

   This randomized combo actually reminds me a lot of the Norway pavilion set... in fact, it is actually the same film with a different lens.  While the Norway photos were a little more balanced, this set falls in the obnoxious reds category that Hipstamatic is pretty fond of.

   So thats it for our tour around World Showcase! It was great looking at a few of the thousands of filter combinations that you might stumble upon...but also to take the time and ponder the many photo opportunities that I might have previously overlooked.  
   If you missed any of the other countries here they are:


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