Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Find: Bag of Disney Bags...

   We spent a lovely Labor Day weekend in the super rural/awesome part of North Jersey.  The highlight of our activities (besides Scandinavia Fest...obviously) was an exhaustively enormous antique co-op.  As most of you know, Adam and I are in the middle of retheming our bedroom...but occasionally we get sidetracked by random Disney stuff and can't help ourselves.
   Among the Disney rubbish that we found during this lengthy excursion was a bag, filled with...uh, more bags.  Disney bags to be precise, and marked at $3.00...heck, I can at least get a blog post out of it.  Here are the contents found within...

This is so classic. Reminds me of being a kid.  

One of the more iconic Disney World merchandise bags from the mid 1980's 

I don't know what this bag was meant for, but it is enormous. I could fit inside... 

I'll take a million of these. Thank you. 

   I was pretty upset once I realized most of the bags were from the Disney Store, and not from Disney parks. Bummer.  But in the game of buying junk, you win some  and you lose some.  Regardless, I'll continue to keep my eyes open for random Disney stuff.  Now does anyone want these by any chance?


  1. These bags (and/or napkins, old park maps, tickets, etc...) could make a pretty cool wall collage. It is definitely one of my favorite ways to collect great looking design.