Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Do Little Changes At WDW Get Us So Upset?

   Things come and go at Disney World all the time...and someone always gets upset regardless of the magnitude of change.  It could be as simple as a recipe changing, or something more grand, like the closure of Snow White's Scary Adventure.
   A lot of folks in the Disney community worry themselves into a tizzy at the thought of change, while the other side of the spectrum practically scolds those worriers. "The parks are supposed to constantly be changing! Blah! Screech! Meh!"   I'm pretty sure there is a fine middle ground somewhere in there.

I really miss Marie in Epcot. :(

   Is it wrong to become emotionally attached to even the silliest of things? No, of course not.  These tiny contributions are what fill in the gaps of our vacation and fully round out the sensory aspect of our memories.  Likewise, I understand that nothing in a theme park lasts forever.  Even opening day attractions go through many extensive refurbishments throughout the decades, many are mere shadows of what they once were.  To keep the parks  interesting they have to evolve and meet new guests expectations of what a Disney park should be.

The old Club Cool flavors...sigh. :(

   Even though we might consider most change in the parks 99% bad, the fact is...its not bad, its just not what were used to.  We have to evolve with the parks, and create new memories to latch on to. Who knows, maybe I'll grow to love the black bean burger at Restaurantosaurus more than our beloved veggie-sub-o-saurus...but thats not very likely.

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