Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Things I Love: Sing Along Songs: Disneyland

   I've been perusing Youtube in search of childhood videos, mostly Disney in nature.  Despite being 30 years old, I still have a crazy tolerance for "kids shows," especially if I grew up watching them.  Among the gems that I've been watching is the Disneyland version of Disney's Sing A Long Songs...

   With this video you not only get all the snappy tunes, but you also get to tour around Disneyland.  Not for nothing, if the music is a turn off for you the images alone are quite a bit of fun.  (The fab five cleaning Main Street!?!?! What??) 

   Which song is your favorite?  Did you grow up watching Sing A Long Songs?  Let us know over on Twitter or Facebook...


  1. This was my fave video as a kid and I still watch it on youtube now!

  2. I had my husband make me a cd of the music off of this lol