Friday, August 1, 2014

DHB Third Anniversary Giveaway!

   Yay! Disney Hipster Blog has managed to survive another year! Sure, we have our share of haters, but for the most part we have the best most charming readers ever. You may remember our previous two anniversary giveaways, year one's Big Al painting and year two's Tiki Drum painting.  To show our deep appreciation of our readers this year the giveaway tradition continues.

   Pictured above are sculpted miniature Adventureland tiki drums.  I am in the process of making silicone molds and casting them in resin.  I am making 25 sets, each of which will be hand painted and numbered by myself. The winner of the  giveaway will receive the VERY FIRST copied set as thanks for reading our blog!

   I know its hard to picture what these little guys are going to look like when finished, but I assure you they're going to be amazing.  I'm expecting the other 24 sets to sell for around $125. Once finished with the giveaway I'll have an Etsy shop set up for orders.

   SO, you might be thinking, How do I enter this giveaway!?!?! Well, there are a few ways:

      - Tweet the following birthday message: Happy third blog birthday @disneyhipsters! 

      - Tweet a picture of yourself/family with the real life Adventureland Tiki Drums...if you  don't have one, a BAD PHOTOSHOP JOB is totally encouraged. 

      - Post a birthday message on our Facebook wall! 

   The contest will end at 8PM on August 20th and the winner will be announce the following day...which is our actual blog anniversary.  If you have any questions please email us at Good luck to everyone.