Friday, August 15, 2014

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Lion Mask from Burkina Faso

   You know those epic Florida afternoon thunderstorms...the kind where there is no hope of park hopping lest you spend the day in soaking wet clothes?  I actually love those kind of days, especially when I'm "trapped" at my beloved Animal Kingdom Lodge.  There is nothing like exploring my favorite resort while the rain continues to pour...and I had just one of these days this past May.

One of the pretties sights, the Sunset Savanna in the rain...

   During these storms I like to traverse the resort in search of new African artifacts and artwork to feature on the blog.  Here is one of my favorites from this particular rainy day...

   This beautiful lion mask was made by the Bobo people of Burkina Faso.  This landlocked country of Western Africa is full of diverse groups of people and has a rich history of whimsical masks.  This lion is a terrific example...implementing painted wood and raffia.

   I wish I had documented this magical day more thoroughly.  I have the most wonderful memories of rainy days at Walt Disney World, and I love the sweet nuggets that I find while taking cover.  I consider this lion my rainy day partner in crime. 


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