Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shake To Randomize: Epcot's UK

   I have to keep the writing on this post pretty short…because I may or may not be serving jury duty at the moment, and totally forgot to prep a post in advance. (you may have noticed how late this blog is being published…)  At least we have some fabulous additions to our Shake To Randomize tour of Epcot's World Showcase!
   If you're just now getting acquainted with our series Shake To Randomize is a feature of the Hipstamatic iPhone app which randomizes photo filters.  The lens, film, and flash are are jumbled up creating thousands of unique combinations.  The thing is, sometimes they're great…sometimes not so much.  We've already toured Morocco, Norway, China, and Italy…now we're heading over to the extremely charming UK pavilion.

   Though all the photos are relatively blah exterior shots, the filter is a nice warm combination…with that Hipstamatic trademark border.  There are so many different architectural styles in the UK pavilion…and it is a perfect subject matter for photography. 

   The contrasting textures of the pavilion would really lend itself to a higher contrasting film…maybe something in a stark black and white maybe?  Either way, warmth also works well here, given all the wood work, thatch, and foliage.  A red flash would probably have fleshed these out nicely.

   We are zipping through World Showcase!  What has been your favorite pavilion so far?  Are you looking forward to any one specifically?  Let us know over on Twitter! 

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