Friday, July 25, 2014

Shake To Randomize: Epcot's France

   Sorry about skipping last weeks Shake To Randomize.  We were having major computer problems which is pretty much the worst.   However, today we will continue our tour around World Showcase.    
   Do you know about the shake to randomize feature of the Hipstamatic camera filter app?  This nifty feature randomly selects combinations of lenses, films, and flashes...each with DOZENS in their respective categories.  Sometimes you get a great set, other times, well...not so much.  Lets head on over to the beautiful France pavilion and see what comes up.

   Looks like we struck gold with this filter combination.  Literally no film border present, although with this app that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't change the look of the photos.  The lens casts a pretty strong beige/pink light over everything...which looks PHENOMENAL against France's green accents. 

   These photos were taken at dusk which is ideal for outdoor photos.  Plus, there are some spectacular views in France to begin with.  I always love the view of the boxwood hedges toward the pavilion.

   Deep within the pavilion it can be a little trickier to capture the grandiose architecture.  In addition to the Hipstamatic app that I love, I also often use a snap on fisheye lens.  I like this lens because its not nearly as extreme or obnoxious as other fisheyes.  It comes in handy when shooting interior spaces, allowing me to get the whole room in one photo.

   I can't believe how much the France pavilion has grown on us.  It goes to show that food options really can change the world.  Now that we stop here every visit to Epcot (so that Adam can get ice cream...) I find myself with a lot of extra time to appreciate the space.

   Only a few more countries to go in our Summer tour of World Showcase! Do you have a favorite pavilion? Why do you love it so much? Food? Atmosphere? Let us know on Twitter!


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